INCMI: October

It seems young Danes really like to cut a rug — studies say they’re the booziest teens in Europe — and, like most, they don’t like to be preached at about their bad habits.

In this interesting take on Anti binge, they use the metaphor(?) of pushing the sausage, instead of pushing your alcohol consumption. Brilliant, or overcooked?

Yahoo‘s got a fresh new brand by Pentagram.
I’ll just go Yahoo something.

Aussies are spending seven minutes more every day listening to audio than last year, with radio staying on top and podcasts overtake owned music for the first time, according to the fourth annual GfK Share of Audio study released this month.

Adidas is on a journey to shift from marketing efficiency to marketing effectiveness, admitting a focus on ROI led it to over-invest in digital and performance marketing at the expense of brand building.

UK Bookmakers Paddy Power’s have Scottish musician Lewis Capaldi at 1/2 odds on favourite to be featured in the 2019 John Lewis Christmas Campaign. While you’re here – just watch the 2013 The Bear & the Hare again, because #feels.

While we’re on Christmas Advertising, we’ve started to see them trickle out – loving this Walkers Crisps with the spirit of Christmas, Mariah Carey.

facebook rebrands as FACEBOOK … for clarity.

Russel Howcroft likened our pitch on Gruen to this 1988 British Rail advert – we hadn’t seen it – but it’s a feast.

INCMI: August

Over the weekend Disney opened up the cave of wonders that is their massive back catalogue at the D23 conference and finally let us in on the Disney+Platform launching in November. Straight out of the box it’s packed with more than 7500 television episodes (including The Simpsons), 500 movies (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars) and more than 45 original series (New Lizzie McGuire, huh?). Stan is shook. Netflix is looking over its shoulder.

We frothed over last years VB capsule collection, the Melbourne Bitterdrop and lapped up the Farmers Union range – but the move into beverage extensions with VB Tea seemed a step too far.

The latest HILDA report was released and it doesn’t look great. The Conversation dug into data and finds Aussie disposable incomes are lower than during the GFC.

Apple takes a swipe at ad tracking with its upcoming OS.

Adobe finds 81% of emoji users believe that people who use emojis are friendlier and more approachable and 64% of emoji users are willing to make a purchase with an emoji. ??

Youth Sense digs into the best and worst places to grab the attention of Gen Z.

Ad standards launched a new campaign to shine a light on the sexism, racism and other issues in ad land.

The Australian arm of Gillette moves away from the ‘The best a man can be’ campaign out of the US, and instead focuses in on local heroes in a very serious brand new spot.

Popeyes sells out of chicken sandwiches following The Twitter Sandwich-apocalypse, putting its newfound popularity at risk. The chain burned through two months of inventory in 2 weeks!


Global Burger King CMO Fernando Machado deep dives on that Whopper Detour campaign from last year and its 37:1 ROI. Video Overview and in-depth story. It’s worth the read.

While we’re on Burgers …  Burger King Brazil created ads from x-rays of customers who hurt their jaws eating whoppers, and then Spain continued their 2017 assault on clowns to bolster their party offering.

With the Tokyo 2020 kicking off in a little over a year. It’s time to check back in at the awful logo we’ll be seeing ever-where this summer. And the initial scrapped version.

And Apple is giving us the feels this Friday with a new gravity-defying piece of content for their AirPods, called Bounce. Reminiscent of 2018’s “Welcome Home” featuring KFA Twigs, this is another concept built around the idea that the product itself, alters our environment.

BWS & Dry July. Very, very strange bedfellows. Good CSR or cynical marketing?

Spotify have just published the results of their global Generation Z research. The white-paper identifies five key trends that define this next generation around the world and is a must-read for any brand wanting to talk to the cool kids.

When is product placement not product placement? Coke wants us to believe it’s when Kendall Jenner needs a new Coke Orange to complete the look. Ad or no?

Campaign Monitor has released its latest ‘Ultimate Email Benchmarking Guide for 2019‘ – a must read for all marketers.